Our Drive
We are open to dialog and value a young and objective spirit. We encourage everyone to participate in discussions and share their opinions while striving for a collaborative and open minded environment.
The goal at PetroRio is to continue to grow and reach new markets. To contribute to this expansion, we are looking for professionals motivated by challenges with an innovative and entrepreneurial profile, focused on personal and company growth.
More than just producing oil and gas, our goal is to create profits that can promote the sustainability and expansion of the company while maintaining operational excellence, safety and the environment.
We prioritize capital discipline. Therefore, on a daily basis we seek to encourage creative, efficient and innovative solutions that reduce waste and costs while striving for excellence.
Traditional solutions bring traditional results and stifle growth. PetroRio values disruptive ideas, creative thinking and people who know how to identify business opportunities and innovate while solving problems.
Safety and the Environment
People are our most important asset. We are proud of our accident-free operating days record demonstrating how highly we prioritizes employee training. We are also proud of our programs focused on safety and the environment and with the careful actions we take with the communities that surround our projects.