“I have a lot of admiration for PetroRio’s entrepreneurial culture. The company established a start-up environment, with an urgency to advance, implement change and grow. I feel challenged in a positive way from the moment I arrive until I turn off my computer.” “In my free time, I like to fly airplanes.”



“What makes me happiest about working at PetroRio is the opportunity to interact with my coworkers, integrating specific work from various areas into a single project. I can see the good results we achieve through teamwork. We learn so much more when we work integrated and not isolated in our own areas.” “In my free time, I like to swim and hike.”


(Tax Department Manager)

“Working at PetroRio is synonymous with dynamism. We have ambition to grow and break paradigms, energy and creativity to make the company’s grand plan happen. The challenges are great, but each person’s willingness to make a difference is even greater. I am very proud to participate in this project every day.” “Away from work, I like to spend time with my family, study astrology and dance.”


(Logistics technician)

“What motivated me to work at PetroRio are the opportunities offered to those who truly want to grow and dedicate themselves. I always worked in General Services and always recognized that I had a lot to add to other areas. Two years ago I had the opportunity to achieve my dream and more to another area, now working as a Logistics Technician.” “In my free time I like to practice extreme sports such as paragliding, skydiving, repelling, scuba diving and airsoft.”


(Polvo Field Executive Manager)

“PetroRio is challenging. We seek innovative solutions and have the opportunity to implement them. It’s always a challenge to think outside the box, put ideas into practice and show results.” “My hobby is brewing craft beer.”



“PetroRio motivates me to continually learn, with a challenging and dynamic environment where every day can be different than the next. It is stimulating to be in a place where the ambition to be greater and better is a constant.” “My free time is dedicated to my son and to reading.”



“To work at PetroRio is synonymous with always thinking about new challenges and innovative solutions. The company incentivizes us and provides opportunity for professional growth. PetroRio encourages volunteering and enables me to participate in the young professionals group, Society of Petroleum Engineers, promoting technical events.” “I like to play sports, travel to see new places and cultures with my family.”



“I am proud to be engaged in a project that provides a giant challenge and that is helping write such important pages in the Brazilian oil and gas industry’s history, all while working with a vibrant and entrepreneurial corporate culture. These are some of the qualities that make PetroRio a unique place for professionals who aim to take their careers to another level.” “In my free time I like to play beach volleyball, run and read.”



“The interesting things about PetroRio are the challenges. My experience in the company has always brought great lessons and the opportunity to deal with new situations on a daily basis, not only for the company but also for the market.” “I really enjoy spending time with my newborn baby girl, my family, as well as diving and being in touch with nature.”