Reação Institute

PetroRio helps finance Reação Institute, an NGO created in 2003 by Olympic medalist Flávio Canto and his coach Geraldo Bernardes, which encourages participating in judo. The institute seeks to promote human development and social inclusion through sports and education, sharing the same values as PetroRio – to seek results and high performance, ambition (fruit of ambition) and team commitment. The NOG benefits over 200 children and adolescents, in six hubs of Rio de Janeiro city: Rocinha, Cidade de Deus, Jacarepaguá, Tubiacanga, Pequena Cruzada and Deodoro.
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More than just athletes, the institute creates black belts on and off the mat, using sport and education as tool for social transformation. The agreement includes an investment of R$500,000 in 2 years, the purchase of materials and equipment for the institute and the sponsorship of 5 athletes that are Brazilian guarantees to the 2020 Tokyo and 2024 Paris Olympics. Support for these athletes is in line with the PetroRio vision to invest in people and promote talent both inside and outside the company.